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adult under 21 ; january 1
xe/xir/xirs + they/it
greyro-ace maverique (TME)
disabled & neurodivergent
naturally flat tone + deadpan jokes
ask for clarification, please.
sarcasm + jokes are tone tagged

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things i like

primarily -
agriculture, botany, cottagecore
drakengard + nier series
humanities. history, art, my beloved
my own writing. Sometimes.

&& others -
fire emblem 8, 11-13, 3H
video essays about borderline anything
yuhki kamatani's manga

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i tag standard CWs + unreality.
infreq tagged political posts (reblogs).
please tag paranoia triggers.
i block exclusionists and the usual suspects.
my other carrd has added specifics to be added here later. blocking > harassment